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Aegean Marine Technologies

Aegean Marine Technologies’ patented Vortex Compression Pump™ was designed to be the world’s quickest, cleanest, most efficient, and lowest-cost way to move fluids and other material across long distances, at any elevation on land, and any depth under water.

Environmentally, financially, and technologically, our device is a vast improvement over the pumping technologies we believe it will replace around the world.

Our technology is patented in 34 countries, including the United States.

Its function is based on the physics of how water behaves in nature.

It’s a vastly improved modern rendition of a 19th-century invention that was effectively used for decades in the maritime industry. Our patented modern design has no moving parts, no downtime costs, and no drag co-efficient.

Each device will be radio-frequency monitored, made from solid steel, and virtually indestructible.

The oil it will recover from spill-accidents can be stored or used for its original commercial purpose. Where fracking and oil drilling pollute, destroy, and collapse land and water, the Vortex Compression Pump™ will help clean, preserve, and repair it.

It will be used to move fluids and other materials farther and more efficiently than any technology available today, with much less damage.

It will be used to overcome the formidable challenges of preventing municipal wastewater channels from clogging.

In conjunction with one of our partner’s patented technology, it will be used to desalinate saltwater.

It will move that clean water to distant destinations.

We’re beyond prototyping. Next, we’ll build a production model, demo it, and take it to market.

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