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The Vortex Compression Pump™ (VCP) is a powerful, cost-saving solution for mitigating many man-made and natural environmental problems, including severe disasters like floods in the Mississippi Basin and Delta; fracking and oil drilling in the farmlands of Oklahoma; and oil spills into the waters of the world—often in a fraction of the time it takes for the damage to occur.

Our distinguished team consists of experts in hydraulics, physics, engineering, and business management who are working together to replace harmful, 20th-century practices with the superior technology of the Vortex Compression Pump™. It’s a real-world solution for helping engineer safer, cleaner cities around the world, and for preventing or reducing damage caused by industrial practices that make possible the comfortable lifestyles we continue to take for granted and don’t want to give up.

The Vortex Compression Pump™ will be used to:

  • provide clean water to people in regions of the world where it’s scarce,
  • mitigate damage caused by industrial practices like fracking,
  • desalinate saltwater,
  • clean up industrial messes like oil spills,
  • keep municipal wastewater systems free of clogs,

and more. We applaud and stand with lawmakers, NGOs, and others who are working tirelessly to eliminate environmental recklessness that’s poisoning the planet.

Greg Vlachos CEO

Vlachos is a hydraulic and liquid dynamics engineer who recently maximized vortex design and venturi effect to create the Vortex Compression Pump™ for game-changing efficiency with water, oil, and grain transport, and vehicle propulsion.

Tim Glynn Executive Director

Glynn is a global projects director and a visionary strategist who is guiding and executing with Vlachos to create, discover, and direct use of the Vortex Compression Pump™ for its maximum potential in water, oil, mining, energy, and propulsion industries, and humanitarian uses.

Nick Angelos CIO

Angelos is a systems analyst, electro-mechanical designer, and building contractor with a M.S. in civil engineering and construction management. Angelos is currently engineering freshwater and relief dredge projects for the Vortex Compression Pump™ in South America and Greece.

Ashok Agarwal PhD

Agarwal is a nuclear physicist and senior-level-experienced chemical engineer and scientist with specific unique expertise in membrane filtration and process-separation technologies. Agarwal has advised and quantified the theoretical technology of the Vortex Compression Pump™ for maximum flow and is an advisor for the company.

Larry Marks COO

Marks is a political science and telecommunications management executive with many years in the financial, real estate, and construction industries. Marks brings his expertise to Aegean Marine Technologies for managing the industrial and personnel growth of the company.

Norton R. Townsley Attorney Patents

Townsley is an international patents attorney, engineer, and chemist with a long history in the aerospace industry. Townsley’s aerospace, engineering, and chemistry background informs his in-depth understanding of the Vortex Compression Pump™ for full, ongoing patent protection.

Alec Schramm PhD

Schramm is a theoretical nuclear and particle physicist whose recent work has dealt with the low-x regime of quantum chromodynamics and the evolution and thermal fluctuation of skyrmions. Schramm quantified and resized the jetting chambers in the Vortex Compression Pump™ for maximum production and is an advisor for the company.

Annie Sharp VP Corporate Communications

Sharp is a specialist in corporate communications with skills in business processes and systems analysis. Sharp brings her knowledge of powerful communications tools and resources to streamline and empower our business operations.